At AirTime, safety is our first priority. We want all our guests to be safe and we have gone to great lengths in the design and construction of the park to reduce the hazards associated with trampolines. Trampolining does have a level of risk and is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorized as an action or extreme sport. It is important for participants to follow our posted house and court safety rules and to jump within their own ability. Our promise is that we will continually work to ensure a safe environment through superior facilities, training, and operations.


Read, understand, and follow all house and court rules. Failure to follow rules may result in injury, embarrassment in front of your friends and possible removal from the park.


Each trampoline court is monitored by trained trampoline staff and they are tasked with enforcing the rules in a courteous manner.


AirTime takes great pride in maintaining a clean and safe facility.All jumpers must wear AirTime grip socks. AirTime grip socks are available for purchase at the park for $3. Once purchased, you may bring them for use at future visits. For the health and safety of our guests, no shoes or other socks are permitted on the trampolines.


AirTime wants to ensure a fun and safe jumping experience for everyone at the park. Please follow the safety rules at all times. If you observe anyone violating house or court safety rules, please inform a staff member so they may be sure to respond appropriately.