Langston & Family from Oxygen’s Preachers at Westland

Bishop Clarence Langston, First Lady Robyn Langston & Family from Oxygen’s Preachers of Detroit at Westland

“Preachers of Detroit” showcases the unique perspective of men and women of God in their places of faith as well as throughout their lives outside of the church. From the challenges of being a woman bishop in a field that is dominated by men to keeping faith alive in a city that has faced tremendous hardship, these pastors are strong and resilient individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries in their communities.”

Bishop Clarence Langston, First Lady Robyn Langston & Family from Oxygens Preachers of Detroit at westland

We’re on the cover!

AirTime and our friend Gabriela made it to the cover of the local Metro Parent magazine for the month of January 2016~! Visit the Metro Parent website to find your nearest magazine supplier. Its FREE. Find out why AirTime is one of your local Hot Spots to escape the cold!


AirTime Novi progress

Check out the progress on the next AirTime location in Novi at Fountain Walk. Its going to me the biggest and baddest park yet. Keep checking back for progress reports!

Novi Progress IMG_20151228_113839369

Merry Christmas from AirTime

Have a Merry Christmas from AirTime. We will be closed Christmas Day so our team members can spend the day with their families. We will be open Christmas Eve 10 am – 3 pm.

Merry Christmas

DJ Flip stays true to his name!

Guess who was working at AirTime Sterling Heights this weekend? There’s a reason we call him DJ FLIP! Staying true to his name, check out his Flip in slow mo!


Holiday Hours

Hey everyone~! Did you know AirTime will be open for extended hours during the holiday season? Check out the extended hours here.



Airtime Holiday

Westland Anniversary

Check out this clip of all the fun we had with DJ Flip at at the Westland Anniversary on Dec 6, 2015

AirTime Westland THE MOVIE

Check out all the fun we had at the AirTime Anniversary in Westland on Dec 6, 2015. Filmed by everyone’s favorite DJ, DJ TRUTH!

Mr Fix It

Airtime Troys most popular attraction is dodge ball. It was time to replace one of the dodge ball netting. Its looking great. Check out this animation of the new net going up 12/8/2015.


New Net animation

Welcome DJ Flip

We would like to welcome the newest member to the AirTime team DJ Flip. Flip made his debut at the Westland 1 year anniversary this Sunday.  Keep on the look out for Dj Flip on your next visit to AirTime. What park will he be at next?